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Malaysia's Leading White Coffee Manufacturer - FAQ

A lot of people don't understand what is COFFEE MIXED and WHITE COFFEE. Let us clarify here.

COFFEE MIXED is low grade coffee. Usually it is packed in 20g/sachet type. Usually it sells VERY CHEAP in the market.
(1) Very less coffee powder.
(2) Mostly coffee flavor added.
(3) Sugar
(4) Non-Dairy Creamer

WHITE COFFEE (3 in 1 white coffee, or Instant white Coffee) is high grade coffee. Usually it packs in 40g or 30g. MORE EXPENSIVE, but if people have tried it, they will not go back for the COFFEE MIXED.  White Coffee is traditional coffee of Malaysia (traditional taste), you are unable to get it from other countries.
(1) Mixture of high grade white coffee powder. (Coffee beans specially roasted in margarine) 
(2) Sugar
(3) Non-Dairy Creamer

MALAYSIA's WHITE COFFEE does not mean it looked white in color. MALAYSIA's WHITE COFFEE BEANS are special roasted in Mrgarine, so the color of coffee beans are looked whiter compare to coffee beans from other part of the world. MALAYSIA's WHITE COFFEE origins from a small town called IPOH. So in Malaysia, we call this type of coffee as IPOH WHITE COFFE.