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Health Benefits of Coffee Drinking?

Researches show that in cases often that coffee promotes health improvements. Evidences could only delight coffee avid more when the medical community finally speaks for the advantages of coffee drinking. To keep things concise without having to pull statistics which we cannot comprehend, here are 10 reasons to why drink coffee and consider some misconceptions that have been floating around this wonderful drink.

Coffee Decreases Risk of Total & All-Cause Mortality

An observational study has been done on 400,000 people with a result showing that the more coffee people consumed, the lower their risk of mortality. Even though the factor can be affected by race, gender, ethnicity, body fat, lifestyle etc., a general observation is concluded where coffee drinkers has decreased risk of mortality compared to non drinkers.

Coffee Lowers Risk of a Variety of Cancers

The presence of antioxidants and chlorogenic acid in coffee protects against cancer and other diseas. Studies of 67,000 women suggested that women who drank 4 cups of coffee per day had a 25% lower risk compared to non drinkers. The high antioxidant activity in coffee is believed to have lowered oxidative stress and regulates the enzymes in liver to metabolize estrogen better, as a result lower risk of variety of cancers.

Coffee Lowers Risk of Heart Disease & Heart Attack

Coffee intake is highly protective for the cardiovascular system and has been repeatedly found to decrease risk of heart disease and death from a heart attack. In one 15-year study of 41,000 women, drinking up to 3 cups of coffee a day was linked to lower risk of heart failure. Similar results have been shown for men.

Coffee Improves Vascular Health & Does NOT Raise Blood Pressure

Caffeine has actually been proved to improve the vascular health of blood vessel due to the increase in nitric oxide production. Coffee actually supports a healthy arterial pressure, maintaining blood pressure at the optimum level over the long term. Caffeine cause short term acute blood pressure, but will return to normal quickly once the caffeine is metabolized. Studies have proved caffeine being able to reduce blood pressure in 8 weeks under consistent caffeine intake.

Coffee Improves Cholesterol Health

The antioxidants in coffee can improve total cholesterol, raise "good" HDL cholesterol, and lower inflammation related to heart disease. In one study, regular coffee drinkers were asked to increase their coffee intake to 4 and then a whopping 8 cups a day. This dosing improved the ratio between "bad" LDL and HDL cholesterol by 8 percent.

Coffee Decreases Obesity

Obesity can be observed over different factors like a large waist of circumference, insulin resistance and will lead to heart diseases and diabetes risks. Coffee drinking helps in favor of faster fat burning, which helps in lowering body fat and composition, and these are closely linked to diabetes risks.

Coffee Improves Body Composition & Elevates Fat Burning

There are tons of evidence showing caffeine helps in increasing your metabolic rate that leads to more calories burnt and more glucose utilized for energy. Also worth to mention coffee actually modulates blood sugar and can improve insulin sensitivity. An average of 1500 ml of coffee taken for over 4 weeks resulted in a 2.5kg of weight loss.

Caffeine Increases Power & Strength Performance

Caffeine can speed up on muscle soreness and recovery by up to 48%. This can improve the performance and recovery efficiency during work outs performed in a day, which reflects better progression if you are into the body building scene. Caffeine can efficiently improve muscle glycogen re-synthesis while allocating fatty acids to be burnt during exercise.

Caffeine Increases Motivation & Reaction Time

Intake of 4mg/kg of caffeine improved reaction time on soccer skill tests among athletes. This similar doze also shown significant improvements over motivation, where they voluntarily perform more reps during training. Some argues that it is caused by better rest time in deep sleep resulting in more energy during training. One way or another coffee shows significant improvement in reflex motions and motivation.