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Malaysia's Leading White Coffee Manufacturer / Exporter

WHITE COFFEE has a long history in Malaysia. White Coffee's origins can be traced back to the small sleepy town called Ipoh (An Old Town of Malaysia). The mere mention of Ipoh Old Town White Coffee brings to mind delicious and aromatic taste to the senses. This well kept secret of Ipoh is now growing in popularity in other regions of Malaysia and international markets. Old Town White Coffee is now available in the pre-packed form of instant coffee sachet to offer convenience to the fast pace life of modern coffee drinkers. Just pour a packet of instant Ipoh Old Town White Coffee sachet into a cup of hot water, stir, and a cup of Old Town White Coffee is ready to serve.

COFFEE MALAYSIA brings to the international market coffee developed during the mid of 20th century in the romantic and quiet town of Ipoh. Years of research and development of coffee products has enabled us to manufacture coffee of high quality and consistently good taste.       

Wild Wild Wing SDN BHD is proud to introduce the "MALAYSIAN STYLE" 3 IN 1 INSTANT WHITE COFFEE to coffee drinkers around the world under our brand name of coffee malaysia.

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coffee malaysia
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