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What is White Coffee?

If you are not originated from Malaysia, the possibility is that you have never heard of White coffees. Common questions thrown to fellow Malaysians would be "are they caffeinated?", "Do they even taste like coffee?" and "What's the difference between normal coffee beans with white coffee beans?". Now let's dwell into the world of White Coffee.

Before we start let's not get confused with white coffee and white coffee beans. White coffee beans are generally baked coffee beans of high quality Arabica coffee beans and apply a dry heat for a long period of time under low temperature. This offers a sweet and subtle flavor that preserves the nutty and tea-like undertones. What we will be discussing is White Coffee, which in simple terms a coffee beverage originated in Ipoh; served with roasted coffee beans with palm-oil margarine and tops up with condensed milk. What we get in result is a rich aromatic coffee with smooth textures.

The term white coffee is a literal translation from its Chinese name "bai ka fei". It is reported that it was one of the Chinese migrants who came to work in the local tin mines introduced the very unique coffee. Traditionally coffee in Malaysia is served without milk, and topped with sugar giving the overall appearance of a black coffee. White coffee on the other hand is served with condensed milk and therefore produces a less dark color where we all agreed upon with the name white coffee.

White coffee is produced and roasted only with margarine, resulting in a less dark roast. It is then served with condensed milk for the added sweetness and texture. White coffee used to be exclusivity only in Ipoh town but as time advances we are flattered with the availability in instant packaging found in most parts of Malaysia. White Coffee was adopted as one the official drinks at the Malaysia Pavilion at World Expo 2010 in Shanghai China. This marks a huge success for the beverage in international platform.